We’re Leila and Gabriel Andersson. Partners in life, work and love. We've been together for a long time. Despite having it all, we were never more than “ok”.
We were overworked, overwhelmed and felt disconnected. Deep inside we knew there was something else out there for us. Another way of life, another way of feeling and relating to ourselves, our bodies, each other and the world around us.

After a series of challenging life events we committed to this path of healing that we're on and eventually it became our lifestyle. Through the years we've been growing, educating and optimizing all aspects of our lives and ourselves. We discovered methods, tools, strategies, systems and science that helped us make sense of it all. The problem we faced was that everything was found in so many different places and modalities.

Using our mutual experience from years of working in the corporate world of marketing, IT and project management we created this platform as a solution to that problem. One place where everything can be found. In simple and easy to understand packages, courses and content.

We are based in Stockholm Sweden but our work is global and online.
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Shifting to a holistic and body-mind-heart based lifestyle is a process.
It’s lengthy, sometimes messy and often challenging.
It takes commitment and dedication. We know! We’ve been living this lifestyle for years now and even though we know we can’t do the work for you we also know one of the most important aspects of walking this path successfully is support.

Couple that with accountability and you are in for a win.
This is why we’ve created the online coaching Program.
Through our combination of skills and experience in healing on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
We offer a unique opportunity for you to live out the fullest expression of you.
This is where we give you all we’ve got and everything we wished we had when we started our journey.